Find a Biking Trail

There are lots of ways to find a trail to bike on from the most obvious (get off your keister and find one) to the more lazy (browse the Internet or your favorite app store).

Another way to find a trail is to visit your local biking advocacy groups website and see if they have a list of trails or a map of trails in your area.  Some local bike shops are great resources, too.  Most carry maps of mountain biking trails or local riding trails.  I guarantee you that all bike shop employees have a handful of trails that they wouldn’t mind recommending!

Regardless of how you find a new trail, you can always use this list of tools to help you find something new to ride.

MTBR Trails

For bikers in Colorado:

For people in Maine:

For those in Michigan:

For my NY friends:

For those in Oregon:

For people in South Carolina:

For those in Vermont:

For Wisconsonites:

I’ll keep this list updated.  If you see something that I have missed, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll update this page.