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  • Alt Gear Zixtro Birdie Frame Case Review

    Alt Gear Zixtro Birdie Frame Case Review

    The Zixtro Birdie case has an interesting look to it.  The sharp design of the case gives it more of an extreme mountain biking look, but after sticking it on my bike, it looked right at home on a commuter. First Impressions When I opened up the packaging, I immediately noticed the design of the Zixtro…

  • Alt Gear DriKASE Review

    Alt Gear DriKASE Review

    I’ll be honest; I haven’t used a case for my phone while biking before.  After using Alt Gear’s DriKASE, I can’t see riding without my phone in front of me.  There are many products out there that meet the needs of the biker that wants to put their phone on their handle bars for easy…