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  • Alt Gear Zixtro Spark Review

    Alt Gear Zixtro Spark Review

    The Zixtro Spark from Alt Gear is a pretty good frame bag.  You get a good amount of room in the bag and a nice looking exterior design.  The styling on this bag is more in line with mountain bikers rather than commuters if you’re paying attention to that sort of thing.  If you’re looking…

  • Alt Gear Zixtro Birdie Frame Case Review

    Alt Gear Zixtro Birdie Frame Case Review

    The Zixtro Birdie case has an interesting look to it.  The sharp design of the case gives it more of an extreme mountain biking look, but after sticking it on my bike, it looked right at home on a commuter. First Impressions When I opened up the packaging, I immediately noticed the design of the Zixtro…

  • The Clarity Bike

    The Clarity Bike

    I’ve been on a frame material kick lately and came across this concept bike that is being pushed into production.  As an avid rider, whenever I think of the perfect frame I think of something light, strong, slightly flexible and durable (doesn’t break easily on impact).  Steel is a good fit for these qualities and…