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  • OxyLED BL15 Headlight Review [UPDATED]

    OxyLED BL15 Headlight Review [UPDATED]

    I’m always interested to see how people are going to design a headlight.  OxyLED has taken the concept for designing a headlight nocturnally.  The BL15, when you open the packaging, looks like an owl.  Owls are typically nocturnal in nature.  It was intriguing to see that OxyLED would develop a headlight around this animal.  Jumping right…

  • Serfas USL-5 Raider USB Headlight Review [Updated]

    Serfas USL-5 Raider USB Headlight Review [Updated]

    Headlights are one of the more useful items that can be mounted on your bike and for those of us that ride in the dark, they are invaluable.  Until recently most lights have used standard batteries as their power source.  This seems to go against one of biking’s deepest rooted principles.  Rechargeable batteries are an…