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  • A Cyclist’s Best Friend

    A Cyclist’s Best Friend

    A Cyclist’s Best Friend Going on long cycling tours or even cycling regularly, people come to rely on and appreciate how important a cycling helmet is to their safety. Swedish car manufacturers Volvo have seen this and are looking to tap into the mobile market and cycling sector with one foul swoop. At the International […]

  • OxyLED BL15 Headlight Review [UPDATED]

    OxyLED BL15 Headlight Review [UPDATED]

    I’m always interested to see how people are going to design a headlight.  OxyLED has taken the concept for designing a headlight nocturnally.  The BL15, when you open the packaging, looks like an owl.  Owls are typically nocturnal in nature.  It was intriguing to see that OxyLED would develop a headlight around this animal.  Jumping right […]

  • Monkeylectric M204 monkeylight Review [UPDATED]

    Monkeylectric M204 monkeylight Review [UPDATED]

    Monkeylectric contacted me.  Man, was I excited!  I have known about their wheel lights for a long time and have thought that they are a very clever concept to increase your visibility on your bicycle.  It’s fall season right now and Day Light Savings just ended in the US.  It’s dark.  It’s rainy (Pacific NW!). […]

  • Dorcy Hawkeye (41-4002) Tail Light Review [UPDATED]

    Dorcy Hawkeye (41-4002) Tail Light Review [UPDATED]

    When you get this tail light out of it’s packaging, you notice how large it is.  At 87mm x 50mm, it’s no skimp in the size arena.  And for most applications where you’re going to be using a tail light, this is not a bad thing.  It’s kind of the whole point of having a […]

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    Radball/Cycleball Video

    You learn something new every day.  At least I do.  I just came across this video and was astounded(!) by the talent of the riders. If the talent in this video didn’t blow your mind, perhaps you would like to know that cycleball has been a sport since 1893.  Or that it has had a […]

  • Dorcy Hawkeye (41-4001) Bicycle Headlight Review [UPDATED]

    Dorcy Hawkeye (41-4001) Bicycle Headlight Review [UPDATED]

    I’ve been looking for a headlight for my bike that’s a bit brighter and when Dorcy contacted me about their 220 lumen headlight, I was all too willing to check it out.  The mornings are still pretty dark when I get up to ride and my current Serfas USL-5 only puts out about 70 lumens.  This […]

  • DZR Minna Cycling Shoe Review [UPDATED]

    DZR Minna Cycling Shoe Review [UPDATED]

    I got the chance to get my hands on a pair of DZR’s Minna shoes.  I’ve reviewed the H2O’s by DZR and really like them for commuting in wet climates.  The Minna’s are a completely different set of shoes and, yet, DZR has managed to build some familiarity into them. Unboxing the shoes (check out the […]

  • Alt Gear Zixtro Spark Review

    Alt Gear Zixtro Spark Review

    The Zixtro Spark from Alt Gear is a pretty good frame bag.  You get a good amount of room in the bag and a nice looking exterior design.  The styling on this bag is more in line with mountain bikers rather than commuters if you’re paying attention to that sort of thing.  If you’re looking […]

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    2014 Scion tC Commercial is Plain Wrong

    I heard Internet rumblings about the new Scion tC television commercial that was just released and had to go watch it myself.  It’s pretty tasteless.  The basics of the video are that Toyota/Scion believe that bicyclists and small dogs attached to smart looking women on sidewalks are obstacles that you can deftly maneuver around while […]

  • Alt Gear Zixtro Birdie Frame Case Review

    Alt Gear Zixtro Birdie Frame Case Review

    The Zixtro Birdie case has an interesting look to it.  The sharp design of the case gives it more of an extreme mountain biking look, but after sticking it on my bike, it looked right at home on a commuter. First Impressions When I opened up the packaging, I immediately noticed the design of the Zixtro […]

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