Delta Cycle Megarack Super Sherpa Rear Bike Rack Review

Up for review today is Delta Cycles Megarack Super Sherpa Rear Bike Rack.  Don’t let the long name of this rack confuse you.  While it may share the same name length as Uma Thurmans daughter, this bike rack puts in a lot more work, weighs less, carries more and looks better bolted to the back of your bike.  I wanted to have a rear rack on my bike so that I could have some space to carry things when I went to the store or to mount a pannier to at some point in the future.  This rack seems to be a good mix of just enough without too much.

The rack came in a nice package with detailed enough instructions on how to mount the rack to most bikes.  Mounting the rack to my bike wasn’t too bad.  These particular racks were meant to mount to most standard bike frames.  I had trouble with the rack extension bars that mount to the seat stays.  For some reason, I couldn’t wrap my head around the right combination of placing the extender bar up/down/ or left/right.  After some fiddling around with the position of the extension bars, I got it to work.  20 minutes later, I had the rack mounted up solid.

I haven’t tested out Delta’s claim that this simple rack can hold 60 pounds.  I don’t see why it couldn’t, though.  The welds are sturdy and the mounting points of the rack to the frame are sturdy as well.  As long as you secure that 60 pound load to the rack while you’re racing around corners, I think that you would be fine.

The large holes at the base of the legs are convenient for hooking bungee cord hooks to.  I keep a bungee cord strapped to the rack in the event that I need to carry something on the rack and it has come in handy numerous times.

I’ve had this rack on my bike for the past 12 months and the only thing that I have noticed that has worn in the slightest bit is the name label coming off.  This seems like a fairly easy fix for Delta, though.  A little change in adhesive during manufacturing and everything is good to go.

As you can see from the image above, you can mount a rear light to the name plate tab for better visibility.  The two holes give you a nice place to either screw a light to the tab or step down the sturdiness scale and zip tie one on.  All in all, this rack is a great rack that has given me no reason to complain.






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