The ReCycle: World’s First 100% Recycled Aluminum Bikes

I was browsing Kickstarter and came across this very cool idea by Bryce Edmonds.  In the video below, Bryce describes his passion and interest in creating the world’s first bicycles out of recycled aluminum.  Everyone knows that aluminum recycles well.  You’ve probably donated your fair share of empty PBR cans to your local recycler.  Bryce is saying that he wants to use your love for the consumption of malted hops for something more and turn all of that recycled aluminum into something fun to ride.

I really like the fact that Bryce and the ReCycle team took the time out to take a new design approach.  The frames are very eye catching with their lack of a seat tube.  Your eye immediately sees that empty area and starts questioning the rigidity of the design.  I think that this is a great approach and a really cool way of letting people immediately see that this is something different and not your typical bike.

So that’s the fun stuff.  What I don’t completely understand is the cost.  Take a look at the pledging options and you’ll see that the least expensive bike option is a single speed for $2,000.  I’m not saying to not support them, by any means.  I’m merely pointing out the fact that you can get a good aluminum road bike for half this cost.  And if you want to save the earth, bring this less expensive bike once you’re done with it to your local recycler and make a bit of cash off the frame.

It’s a cool idea and the designs are nice.  If you’ve got some spare change in your couch and are looking for something fun to support, check out ReCycle.  You can check out and follow the the statistics from their Kickstarter page on the right.





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