The Upstand Bike Stand

The Upstand Bike Stand playing it cool...
The Upstand Bike Stand playing it cool…

I like how the word kickstand gets avoided here.  There is nothing to kick.  You don’t use your foot like some neanderthal to stand your bike up anymore!  Welcome to the 21st century way to support your bike vertically.  The Upstanding Bicycle Company has created this brand new support method for all of us that either hate kick stands or are just too cool to burden our bikes with something so ugly.

Weighing in at only 35 grams total, the Upstand Bike Stand consists of a tab that sits behind your rear wheel skewer and a carbon fiber post with a rare earth (axial) magnet stuck to the end to keep the post in place if you move your bike around and still want to stand it up.  If you happen to want to get back on your bike and no longer need the Upstands assistance to keep your bike from falling, simply grab the post, fold it in half (think of it as a tent pole that has a shock cord in it) and stow it in your riding shirt pouch, cycling bag or other storage system.

For $39, I think that this is a great alternative to the tried and true kickstand.  It’s also not too bad of a deal considering that you get two tabs in the package so that you can install them on your two favorite bikes.  If you feel that your other bikes will get envious, you can buy just the tabs.

Check out more at the Upstanding Bicycle Company’s website.





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