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2014 Scion tC Commercial is Plain Wrong

I heard Internet rumblings about the new Scion tC television commercial that was just released and had to go watch it myself.  It’s pretty tasteless.  The basics of the video are that Toyota/Scion believe that bicyclists and small dogs attached to smart looking women on sidewalks are obstacles that you can deftly maneuver around while driving the new tC.

I tried to see it from a 16 year olds eyes and be irresponsible again.  I can see that it would be convenient to quickly move out of the way of an obstacle in the road that you’re about to hit, but why can’t that obstacle be a tree that has fallen?  Animate objects shouldn’t be considered obstacles to swerve around no matter what their IQ is (I’m thinking of the dog here).  Anything that could be injured and killed that is in your way in the road should be approached with caution and care so that you can safely pass that object when it is clear to do so.  I can’t think of any time while driving when the behavior in this commercial would be acceptable and not results in a traffic violation for reckless driving.

To see the video for yourself, click play below:





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