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  • The Cardboard Bike Has a New Price

    The Cardboard Bike Has a New Price

    You may have read my earlier post on the cardboard bicycle that was being developed by Izhar Gafni and his new company Cardboard Technologies.  Back when I wrote that post, Mr. Gafni was moving forward on the presumption that he could make his bicycle for $20.  That may very well still be his goal, but…

  • Alt Gear DriKASE Review

    Alt Gear DriKASE Review

    I’ll be honest; I haven’t used a case for my phone while biking before.  After using Alt Gear’s DriKASE, I can’t see riding without my phone in front of me.  There are many products out there that meet the needs of the biker that wants to put their phone on their handle bars for easy…

  • Express Biker Vending Machine Bike Parts

    Express Biker Vending Machine Bike Parts

    Every biker has experienced a flat tire on a bike ride before. If you haven’t, lucky you! For those of us that have and know the frustration of being without air in your tire, you know how easy it is to fix something like this, but you’re not always prepared. Imagine if you could forget…

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    Moment of Zen 05.26.2013

    Apologies for the inclusion of a corporate message, but I like the message regardless of who is backing it.

  • Moment of Zen 05.19.2013

    Moment of Zen 05.19.2013

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    [Video] Martyn Ashton – Road Bike Party

    This guy Martyn has skills that I typically only dream about.  In the video below, you can see all of the balance that he has.  To put it in context, if you took the balance that I lack and multiply that by a significant number, this is what Martyn has.  And he does all of…

  • Whistler MTB Park Opens May 17 2013

    For all of you down-hillers, free-riders and otherwise speed seeking, thrill seekers, pull your ear buds out.  Whistler MTB park is opening up this Friday!  That’s right.  If you don’t have your bags packed right now, you need to (finish reading this post and then) get going. If you have never been up to Whistler…

  • Air Filtering Bike

    Air Filtering Bike

    Most everyone knows about the poor air conditions in Beijing and with China expected to add 20 million cars to the road next year, this concept makes logical sense.  Lots of people ride a bike in China and offering a safer way for them to do what they already while removing some of the air…

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    Moment of Zen 05.12.2013

  • Bike Deconstructed

    Bike Deconstructed

    The image above is part of an art exhibit that explores common household items deconstructed.  Toronto based photographer Todd McLellan deconstructs a typewriter, alarm clock and bicycle to their base components and then assembles them so that their parts are in patterns.  The description of the exhibit says ‘common household items’, but I’m not sure…

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