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    High School Bike Bus

    I found this video of some high school kids in Orlando, Florida starting a biking group dedicated to riding their bikes to and from high school.  Plenty of kids ride their bikes to and from school, so this story isn’t that spectacular.  What makes this story interesting is that they are doing it as a…

  • Moment of Zen 05.05.2013

    Moment of Zen 05.05.2013

  • Shimano PD-M324 SPD Pedal Review

    Shimano PD-M324 SPD Pedal Review

    I’ve been enjoying my DZR H2O shoes and wanted to find a nice set of SPD pedals to pair with them.  During my research for the right pedal, I kept coming back to the fact that I may not always be wearing shoes with a cleat.  I occasionally hop on my bike on the weekends…

  • The Siva Cycle Atom

    The Siva Cycle Atom

    Siva Cycle has developed a device that will charge your mobile devices via power generated while you are pedaling your bicycle.  They have spent the last two years developing and tweaking the design and have brought the project to Kickstarter to raise cash to start the manufacturing process. I’m glad to see that an electronic…

  • Moment of Zen 04.28.2013

    Moment of Zen 04.28.2013

  • Ride the City Review

    Ride the City Review

    Ride the City is a website that allows you to search for a safer bicycle trek through your city.  Anyone that rides in a major city knows the perils of riding your bike on a major thoroughfare.  Even if you ride on a two lane road that is fairly busy, you can still be overwhelmed…

  • Find a Biking Trail

    Find a Biking Trail

    There are lots of ways to find a trail to bike on from the most obvious (get off your keister and find one) to the more lazy (browse the Internet or your favorite app store). Another way to find a trail is to visit your local biking advocacy groups website and see if they have…

  • Share the Road Video

    I came across this video and liked the simple message contained in it.  I’m always surprised (not sure why anymore) when someone in a car goes rushing past me around a corner or cuts me off going through a roundabout that doesn’t have a bike lane.  I’m always aware of cars around me and am…

  • Moment of Zen 04.21.2013

    Moment of Zen 04.21.2013

  • Bikelantis Teaser Trailer

    Bikelantis Teaser Trailer

    For those of you that enjoy biking documentary films, I think you’ll like this.  Emmanuel Cervantes takes a look at the cycling world in more than 20 American cities and shows the growth of the industry, the people involved in growing interest around cycling and it’s impact on the community. Bikelantis Teaser Trailer from Emmanuel Cervantes…

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