BART To Allow More Bicycles

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is going to be allowing more bicycles on it’s system in a test run.  During March 18-22, bikes will be allowed in BART stations and aboard all trains – where there’s room – all day and night.  In the past, bikes have not been allowed on the trains during commuting hours to make room for passengers that use the train that do not use a bicycle.

BART is trying to respond to the boom in cyclists in the Bay Area by testing the demand for bicyclists on their trains.  In addition to trialing ridership numbers, BART is also re-configuring the rail cars to accommodate more bikes, standing riders (passengers) and has plans to establish secure parking for bicycles at more of it’s stations.  BART is asking some of the bike commuters that would like to use the trains to keep in mind what station they get on at.  Some stations such as Embarcadero have narrower platforms and a larger commuting crowd.  BART encourages those that can to use alternative stations when they can.






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