That Feeling

While riding in to work this morning, I passed two other cyclists; a rarity during these colder days. The second commuter that I passed (I’m pretty sure it was his first time out this season) seemed to have an extra bounce in his pedal and even gave me a ding of his bell with the friendly wave.

This got me thinking of the feeling us bikers get when the weather starts turning. You feel the daily temperature increase, the sun rises earlier, you see more birds out and regardless if whether you have been riding your bike through the winter months out not, you get excited. You get excited thinking about cleaning your bike. You get excited and head to the bike shop and pick out a new accessory for your bike. Or you get excited to try out that new light jacket that had been sitting in your closet waiting for the right temperature to hit.

Well, now it’s here and it’s making all of us act like kids headed back to school. Not the nerves with the dreaded feeling of doubt that you have about the algebra class that you’re questioning signing up for, but the feeling of seeing your friends again. You’ve all got your new gear and are ready to get it and play.

This isn’t a deep thought provoking post. I just wanted to say I thought it was cool that this guy riding his bike was so excited to be out on it. So, ding a bell and give a friendly wave to someone.






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