Express Biker Vending Machine Bike Parts


Every biker has experienced a flat tire on a bike ride before. If you haven’t, lucky you! For those of us that have and know the frustration of being without air in your tire, you know how easy it is to fix something like this, but you’re not always prepared. Imagine if you could forget about carrying backup parts to your bike and just find the nearest vending machine to buy the part from.

While this is a nice concept, it’s apparently hard to put into reality. There are only two locations for these Express Biker vending machines that dispense bike hardware to get you back on the road and both of them happen to be in New York (find all two locations listed here).  You can watch a brief video of one of the installations here.

The Express Biker provides patch kits, lights, tubes, grease/lube and other necessities for prices between $5 and $30.  Not too bad a price when you consider the convenience being offered.

I’ve asked some specifics of what it would take to get a vending machine placed near me and will provide details once I get them, so stay tuned for an update.





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