The Cardboard Bike Has a New Price

You may have read my earlier post on the cardboard bicycle that was being developed by Izhar Gafni and his new company Cardboard Technologies.  Back when I wrote that post, Mr. Gafni was moving forward on the presumption that he could make his bicycle for $20.  That may very well still be his goal, but if you would like to get in on the action today, that same bicycle is going to cost you $95 + $40 for shipping and handling.  A bit steeper than the original stated price of $20.

But, consider this.  Cardboard Technologies needs facilities to produce these bikes and their lofty goal of $2,000,000 on IndieGogo is intended to use crowd funding to get them to their goal.  With 34 days left and $1,970,354 to go, it seems that they have their work cut out for them.

Personally, I would love to see this company take off.  I think that the concept and unique use of materials is an interesting combination and would love to see the idea of a bicycle made of inexpensive materials be readily available to those that need it.  If you think about the number of people that need access to cheap transportation and don’t have the means to maintain an automobile, this would be a great solution.

Check out the IndieGogo page below if you are interested in contributing to this game changing technology.

See more at Cardboard Technologies website.





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  1. davis Avatar

    Carbon fiber is the mainstream

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