How Facebook and Apple Became Bike Friendly

Sure, there are people that ride their bike to work.  Some companies have lots of people that ride their bike to work.  But what happens when one of those companies is a large tech company that wants to encourage cycling to work?  Meet Bikes Make Life Better.  Bikes Make Life Better helps interested companies setup bicycling programs to encourage employees to bike to work.

When employees are encouraged to bike to work, there is a greater potential for improvement.  By offering shower rooms to employees that bike and making sure that there are lockers close to the shower rooms or making sure that there are interior wall mounted bike racks, employees feel that biking to work can be more attractive.  It’s just easier when these basic necessities are offered.

But what is in it for the company offering these programs?

Companies and universities with extensive bike programs save money and make money. Bike commuters are typically more healthy, more productive, more creative and less of a financial drain.

As stated on Bikes Make Life Better’s benefits page, this theme of healthier, happier, more productive employees continues resounding.  From the added value of saving money by commuting to the forward thinking concept of lowering health care costs, biking to work is becoming a more attractive offering for companies.

A bike designed for Mozilla.

Check out some of the bike to work programs that are happening around the nation:






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