Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier Review

I picked up a Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier to replace the North Face Hot Shot backpack that I’ve been using.  I wanted a simple pannier that I could easily remove from my bike.  I needed the ability to bring the pannier inside with me after I had parked my bike, so this part was key.  Being waterproof was the next most important aspect of this purchase.  It rains in the Pacific Northwest US and as often as I ride, I need everything I have to be waterproof (and resist moss, rust, supply me with Vitamin D…).

The pannier is really simple.  The outside is made of tough 840 Denier Nylon.  To make things waterproof, Banjo Brothers decided to go a simple route and just add a thick, clear plastic liner to the inside.  It Velcros in and can be removed for cleaning, replacement or to make a little more room for more stuff in the pannier.  I really like this aspect of the pannier.  It makes the bag more appealing to me knowing that if something goes wrong with the liner, I can just order a replacement for it and still have a great pannier.

The other simple aspect of this bag is the mounting, possibly to a fault (addressed later).  The bag comes with a single metal hook that you mount to the base of your rear rack.  The pannier comes wired and ready to mount once you have the hook installed.  Simply loop the metal triangle at the base of the pannier to the hook and clip the top of the pannier to the top of the rear rack.  Done.  Simple.  You may need to adjust the length of the bungee on the backside of the pannier depending on your rack/bicycle size.  Mine fit right out of the box, so yea for me.

This pannier is a great size for me.  I use it daily to take stuff to work.  I’m able to put a lunch bag, water bottle, work pants, under shirt, work shirt, rain jacket, light jacket, wallet and cell phone into the bag and still get it closed well enough to be waterproof.  I had concerns that it would be roomy enough for all of my gear.  As it turns out 1000 cubic inches is good enough for me.

In researching panniers, someone mentioned their appreciation for the waterproof liner by stating that, “Waterproofing works both ways.  Stick some ice and beers in this on a warm, sunny day.”  I’m going to have to try this out and report back.

Potential Problems

The simplicity of this pannier might just be annoying to you.  Based on my bike size, foot size, rack length, crank length and possibly something else, my foot occasionally hits the pannier if it slides forward during riding.  Just this morning I was riding, my foot hit the bag and knocked the front hook off the rack.  I had to stop and reattach everything for fear that I was going to knock it the rest of the way off.  Again, there is no ensuring that the bag will stay in the required spot during riding.  I just have to go slow over the bumpy parts to make sure that it doesn’t slide around.

Useful Information

Here are some specs on the bag:

  • 1000 Cubic Inch Capacity
  • Rugged 840 Denier Nylon Outer Layer with Welded-Seam Waterproof Liner
  • Durable and Convenient Roll-Top Closure
  • Adjustable Quick-Attach Elastic Attachment
  • 360 Degree Reflective Accents

Pick one up at Banjo Brothers or at Amazon.