The Siva Cycle Atom

Siva Cycle has developed a device that will charge your mobile devices via power generated while you are pedaling your bicycle.  They have spent the last two years developing and tweaking the design and have brought the project to Kickstarter to raise cash to start the manufacturing process.

I’m glad to see that an electronic device charger is being developed for bicycles.  Some of you may be thinking that this is just another gadget for us cyclists with too much money in our pockets, but consider the other cultures that could use this technology for much more important tasks than charging their iPhone.  I can imagine someone in Africa or India that has a mobile device, maybe a low energy laptop or cell phone.  I know that it is not uncommon to have large portions of the day without access to electricity in these parts of the world and having access to technology like this would make charging portable electronics so much easier for them.

The good news is that for every ten Atoms sold, Siva Cycle is going to give one away to someone that needs it.  So, check out the videos below and go purchase one of these.  You’ll be doing someone else a favor, too.

And here is the installation video.  It easily installs in just a few minutes with tools that you should have on your bike.

Check out the project on Kickstarter for all of the details.