Elroy Bluetooth Earbuds

I came across this rather nifty invention the other day.  Bluetooth earbuds from the creator of Timbuk2 bags.  When I first heard about them, I figured that it was going to be some clunky chunk of plastic that sat on your head, played music and generally stayed out of your way.  Man, was I wrong.  These headphones are cool!


These headphones are just simple.  With a small clasp, they clip on to your clothing.  The main component has a magnet in it that helps ‘grab’ the earbuds when you’re not using them.  The earbuds obviously have magnets in them, too.  The coolness is only starting.  The main component senses when the earbuds are ‘stored’ and when they are stored, can tell other devices to play music.  Say you’re cooking and you have some music streaming from your phone to some Bluetooth speakers.  Simply place the earbuds on the main component and the music will start.  If someone happens to call you during your air guitar session, all you have to do is remove an earbud, place it in your ear and say, “Hello?”.

When I was learning more about these earbuds, I couldn’t help but think how convenient they would be for cyclists.  Yes, there are dangers to having your ears filled with Lady Gaga while commuting (and you could get hit by a car, too).  Having the ability to have a single earbud in and the other tucked away magnetically on the main component would be handy.  All of this can be seen in the video embedded below.

This is quite a nice revolution in headphone design and I’m sure others will attempt to copy it.  In the meantime, $89 will get you on the Kickstarter list for a nice set of slick earbuds that are sure to change your listening habits.

Check out the video below:

Keep track of the Kickstarter project at the project page or with this nice little widget.