Raspberry Pi Dynamic Bike Headlight

I really love to see stuff like this.  I think that bicycles can be changed significantly with technology to make the riding experience more enjoyable for the rider.  This is first solution, prototype stuff, so pardon the rough edges of the person’s work (breadboard in the bike frame!).  However, imagine multi-use tools on your bike like this.  A bike light that warns cars that you’re coming down the road, illuminates the path in front of you and displays relevant information for you.

This is like Google Glass for your bike.  All sorts of information could be displayed through this setup.  Adding a Bluetooth connection could link it to a smart device and show you notifications.  Too distracting?  Maybe.  Irrelevant and pointless?  Maybe.  Efficient and possibly useful.  Definitely.  And this is the point that I want to focus on.  I feel that there are too many single use tools for the bicycle.  Do you remember getting your first pump that fit both Schrader and Presta valves?  I do.  It was amazing.  I no longer needed to search for the other pump for my other bike.  I could just do it all with one tool.

I commute to work on a daily basis and I can just picture myself riding down the road with my Elroy earbuds in listening to something on my phone and my headlight displays the next song that comes up.  Or I see the name of the person that is calling me and I can decide whether I want to answer it or not.  Expecting an important text while racing home?  Now you can see if it from the person you were expecting or your dentist sending a reminder for your appointment in the morning.

As I stated before, this design needs some obvious aesthetic touch ups before launching a full consumer device.  It’s a bit lot rough around the edges.  I just want to point out the significance of this development and the potential uses behind it.