Bike Spikes Review


It was foggy this week here.  It was cold, too, and that combination did not go well for me in the mornings.  I walked out onto my front porch to start my morning commute and nearly continued down the stairs due to the layer of ice that had formed on the steps due to the fog.  I could have used these Bike Spikes designed by Cesar van Rongen.  Meant to make your cycling more winter friendly, these spiky attachments slide onto your existing wheels to provide you with a layer of traction.

There are current products on the market that make your commute easier in the winter, but this solution wouldn’t require you to keep an extra set of tires mounted to an extra set of rims.  Or if you’re cheap you just swap the winter tires on to your current rims.  Hey, it’s what I would do!

The idea of having something like this available for your current tires would be an amazing addition to my biking gear.  I would store them at home near the bike so they could be tossed on in the morning before I head out.  Check out how easy they are to install in the video below.






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